Goeland Foundation

The Fondation Goélands, a partner of the Fonds Ricœur, sponsors each year the Prize for Excellence awarded during the summer workshops co-organised by the Fonds Ricœur and the Society for Ricœur Studies.
Created at the end of 2014 by Marc Guyot initially as a fund, the Fondation Goélands works to support children with genetic diseases by financing studies and research projects, but also to support young high school and university students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Led by a volunteer team and advised by a committee of students and young professionals, the Foundation aims to help those who are off the normal path of life, due to birth difficulties (genetic diseases) or social difficulties, to get back on the road and to be able to find their flight.

The Society for Ricœur Studies

Partnering with the Fonds Ricoeur is integral to the Society’s mission of promoting interdisciplinary scholarship, especially at the student graduate level. The aims are to explore and extend Ricoeur’s studies in areas such as philosophy, religion, jurisprudence, ethics, history, psychoanalysis, literary theory, narrative, rhetoric, aesthetic experience and imagination. Through international events such as conferences and workshops, the Society seeks to foster dialogues across disciplines in the interest of developing broader understandings and insights into the ethical, religious, political and aesthetic issues of our time.

Revue Esprit

For Paul Ricoeur, philosophical work, the effort to think, including 'technical' thinking, within the academic framework of the university, was inseparable from an aim of commitment and action in the city. This dimension was expressed in particular in the participation in reviews, in the 'review article' so to speak, which very often had the character of an up-to-date intervention, motivated by the urgency of a problem. Esprit was one of the journals par excellence, if not the journal in which Ricoeur expressed himself as a philosopher on the concrete problems of the city, in which he developed a true thought of action. It is therefore logical that the journal should be one of the first partners of the Ricoeur Fund.

Digital Ricœur

Digital Ricœur is a digital humanities project to provide scholars with tools for the digital analysis of the work ofRicoeur. Access is free and requires registration. Currently,Ricœur’s texts in English can be searched, and his texts in French and other languages will be forthcoming.